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Why Choose Holistic Light House?

  • Location, location, location! Newly revitalized downtown Roseville between the new Civic Center and the Tower Theater

  • Easy I-80 Access

  • FREE Parking, FREE WiFi, FREE Utilities & FREE Cleaning

  • Beautifully designer-appointed offices, therapy rooms and classroom space with the latest technology

  • Free Advertising when you plan events in the Multi-Media Classroom on Meet-Up

  • Professional therapists, counselors and practitioners addressing mind, body and spirit

  • Experienced staff available to ensure the holistic wellness center runs efficiently and meets your needs

  • No other facility like it in Northern California!

Text me today to start leasing today!

Text (512) 694-3333 to schedule your tour and to exchange your deposit to get a key so that you can get to business today!

Pricing and Terms

$140 refundable deposit will get you a key and scheduling rights to book classroom & hourly offices. 


Hourly Rental in Offices:

Book online at

24-hour Cancellation Policy

Money Due Day of Service





Part-time Offices:

Monthly payment with 30-day terms 

Deposit equal to Monthly Payment

$140/1-day per week (ie. All Sunday's)

$280/2-days (ie. All Sundays and Wednesdays)


Full-time Offices (Furnished or Unfurnished)

Deposit equals Monthly payment

30-day terms

$525-$1495 per month

Purple Multi-Media Classroom:

Free advertising to 620+ person meet up group (

No Cancellations

Money Due when Booking

*$40/2 hours

*$50/3 hours

*only available weekdays before 5pm

$60/4 hours: Smallest increment allowed on weekends and weeknights

$90/6 hours 

$120/8 hours

$150/10 hours

$180/All Day

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